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Palette: Self Portrait
Palette: Delacroix
Palette: Seurat
Palette: Whistler
Palette: Monet (late)
Palette: Monet (early)
Palette: Gauguin
Palette: Eakins
Palette: VanGogh
Palette: Degas
Palette: William Merritt Chase
Palette: Jane Freilicher
Palette: Chuck Close
Palette: Steve Mumford
Palette: Inka Essenhigh 2
Palette: Inka Essenhigh 1
Benches: Mary Heilmann
Palette: Amy Sillman
Dish 1: Freilicher
Dish 2: Frielicher
Inka's Floor (Lifesize)
Bill's (Jensen) Brushes
Containers: Ryan McGinness
Dana Schutz (Table)
Chuck Close Table 2
Gary Stephan
Don Eddy
Gregory Amenoff 1
Gregory Amenoff 2
Inka's (Essenhigh) Floor
Michael Goldberg
April Gornik
Matthew Ritchie
Ross Painting
Steve's (Mumford) Chair
Inka's Shoes
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