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Working: Van Gogh and Gauguin
Relationships: VanGogh,Pissarro,Theo
Relationships: Vincent and Theo
Critique: VanGogh and Uncle Mauve
Critique: Van Gogh and Gauguin
Legends: Van Gogh's Ear
Tragedy: Rembrandt Death of Saskia
Working at the Moulin Rouge
Inspiration: Toulouse-Lautrec
Artist and Muse: Toulouse-Lautrec
Contemplation: Rembrandt 2
Pollock: Beginning of the End
Despair: Sobbing Pollock
Contemplation: Warhol and Basquiat
Basquiat (in Bliss)
Dealer and Collectors: Basquiat
The Dealer: Mary Boone
Relationships: Klimt and Shiele
Working: Klimt
Muse: Klimt's Models
Critique: Picasso, Matisse
Orchestration: Matisse's Muse
The Composer: Matisse
Critique: VanGogh, Seurat, Bernard
Relationships: Frida and Diego
Contemplation: Diego Rivera
Working (Triple Portrait): Frida
Inspiration Michelangelo 1
Inspiration: Michelangelo 2
Critique:Pope Julius II,Michelangelo
Critique: Rafael and Pope Julius II
Portrait: Goya
Artist and Model: Goya
Critique: Goya
Critique: Pissarro and Gaugin
Relationships: Gauguin and Pissarro
Artist and Muse: Vermeer
Relationships: Stieglitz and O'Keefe
Inspiration: Georgia O'Keefe
At Work: Mary Cassatt
Working: Modigliani
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